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Oct. 7, 2020

Tammy Bush

Hi. My 3 year old daughter says words but not full on sentences and sometimes we cant understand what she is saying.

Dec. 3, 2018

Maureen Bowers

I have had the privilege to work with Nancy for over 25 years. I have learned so much from her working both in the nursing home and school settings as well as private practice. She has a wonderful way of sharing practical strategies for teachers, parents,
and family members to increase language and communication skills both for children and adults. Her website shares example of her wonderful professional skills. I have worked with her and know how helpful she can be to all populations, but if you don't know
her you can go to her website and discover for yourself how successful her strategies and skills are to increase communication skills for a variety of populations.

Dec. 1, 2018

Wanda Reeck

Nancy you are the sweetest, kindest person we know. You helped Jaden out so much and he would not be where he is now if it wasn’t for you. We may not live in Palm Coast anymore but we cannot thank you enough